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Report Animal Bite

If bitten by an animal:
  • Always dial 911 for a mauling or multiple animal attacks.
  • Seek emergency care if bite is severe or wash with soap and water if minor. A bite is considered a scratch or bite that breaks the skin.
  • Try to contain the animal for Animal Services. If the family pet bites, it still must be reported to Animal Services.
  • If animal cannot be contained, try to keep animal under observation or locate its owner until Animal Services arrive.
  • Animal Services will need the following information:
    • Type of animal
    • Breed (if known)
    • Color
    • Gender (if known)
    • Location of animal
    • Current Rabies vaccination of animal (if known)
    • Your contact information
    • Owner of the animal information (if known)
    • Any witness contact information
  • Animals will be quarantined and observed for Rabies for the required time.
  • Coyotes, foxes, bats, skunks and raccoons are immediately euthanized and sent to the state lab for testing. These animals are at the greatest risk of carrying Rabies.
  • Rodents, rabbits and small mammals are low risk species and are submitted for testing only at the request of the Local Rabies Control Authority.


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