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Request New Traffic Sign

New traffic sign requests can be submitted by calling our office or 311

Warrants have been established to provide a set of criteria which can be used to define the appropriateness of traffic signs. These guidelines, combined with engineering judgment and awareness of local conditions, assist the engineer in making a determination. All requests will be logged and a response will be formulated within thirty (30) working days, at that point the requestor will be notified of the course of action. New traffic sign installations will remain in place for a minimum period of one year.

Stop and Yield Sign Warrants

The Traffic Engineering Department installs Stop or Yield signs in accordance with the following:
*The Traffic Engineering Department will not generally install stop or yield signs at residential "T" intersections because of budget constraints and because this situation is specifically covered under Texas Law. However, stop signs at "T" intersections along arterial and collector side streets will be installed.

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