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TNR Program/Feral Cat Research

Did you know there are active feral cat communities in Lubbock? Trap, neuter, and release (TNR) programs allow for population control and have seen great success in other areas of the country

The Animal Services Director is responsible for maintaining the registry of approved registered colony locations. 

A feral cat colony can be registered when the Animal Services Director determines that a volunteer caretaker can meet the following minimum requirements:

(1) Regular feeding will be maintained throughout the year.
(2) Adult cats and kittens 8 weeks of age will be neutered and vaccinated.
(3) Every attempt will be made to remove kittens from the colony before 8 weeks of age for domestication and placement.
(4) Stray cats will be released or placed into the custody of Animal Services.
(5) Sick or injured cats will be removed from the colony for immediate veterinary care or humane euthanasia.
(6) Cats will be earmarked and micro chipped when feasible for recognition as members of a registered feral cat colony.
(7) Responsibility for managed feral cat colonies can be transferred to another feral cat caregiver with the Animal Services Director’s approval only.
(8) Location of a feral cat colony requires the approval of property owner or owners and the Animal Services Director.
(9) Relocation of a feral cat colony requires the approval of property owners and the Animal Services Director.
10) Cat caretaker assumes all responsibility of humane trapping, maintenance, and management of their approved registered colony.
(11) Records of sterilization, vaccination, micro chipping, and animal identification will be provided to Animal Services upon request.

The Animal Services Director is authorized to issue citations, revoke registered cat colony permission, or issue citations to a feral cat caretaker or obtain a search and seizure warrant if there is probable cause to believe any requirements of this section are violated.

Contact the Animal Services Director to find out more on the TNR program and/or how you can become a feral cat caretaker. If you wish to become a caretaker please see the following application:  Feral Cat Application Form.