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Fine Arts Gallery

The Buddy Holly Center features 2,500 square feet of gallery space dedicated to the presentation of changing contemporary visual arts programs. These exhibitions are a continuation of a tradition of quality initiatives that were presented by the Lubbock Fine Arts Center from 1984 - 1998. With the relocation of the Fine Arts program to the Buddy Holly Center in 1999, we continue the commitment to present challenging visual arts exhibitions that serve as a crucial resource for showcasing contemporary arts of the region and the nation.

Art is a form of communication independent of language... It is a way of manifesting human uniqueness. It is a way of reminding us that life is infinitely fragile, infinitely precious. - Norman Cousins


Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Celebración
    Dates: 16 Oct – 29 Nov, 2015
    The Monarch by Kate Mills

    The Monarch by Kate Mills

    Celebración is an annual exhibition of artwork that explores the history and meaning behind the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This exhibit includes works from over 60 local, regional and national artists. Artists are challenged to create an expression of their interpretation of Día de los Muertos, by honoring departed ancestors, friends and family. Artists are not limited by choice of media, but are asked to focus on the unified theme of Mexico’s centuries-old ritual of commemorating the death of a loved one.  Simultaneous with Celebración, The Buddy Holly Center's Foyer Gallery will exhibit Camposanto Suite: Art for Eternity photographs of cemeteries in northern New Mexico by Amarillo artist Jim Jordan.

    Join us for Lubbock’s citywide observance of this holiday - Procesión - an evening of activities coordinated with the International Cultural Center, Texas Tech University School of Art and the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. Procesión is a progressive celebration that takes place this year on Friday, October 30, 2015 from 6:00 to 9:30 PM. The Buddy Holly Center will host live music and a make-and-take arts project. These events are free to the public. 2015 Procesión Event Schedule

  • A Train Story: Original Watercolors from the Award Winning Children's Book
    Dates: 04 Dec, 2015 – 03 Jan, 2016
    Circus Train, watercolor by Nathan Jensen from The Train Story book
    Illustration by Nathaniel P. Jensen, from A Train Story by Dolores Mosser.

    The Buddy Holly Center's Fine Arts Gallery is thrilled to host A Train Story: Original Watercolors from the Award Winning Children's Book. A Train Story was written by Dolores Mosser of Lubbock and illustrated by Nathaniel P. Jensen of Portland, Oregon. Published in 2009, the book was recently selected as the first stand-alone computer app produced by Reading Rainbow. This exhibit will give visitors a chance to see Jensen's original artwork, nineteen gorgeous watercolor illustrations, coupled with Mosser's verses. Train lovers of all ages will delight in the images and text, which celebrate a train's ability to capture the imagination. 

    Inspired by the experience of Mosser and her son as they watched trains passing through their town of Slaton, Texas, A Train Story highlights a special memory. One day, much to their surprise, a circus train stopped, letting off its animals and performers to the delight of the townspeople. The story book captures all the sights and sounds of this spontaneous event.
    The illustrator, Nathaniel Jensen, graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. He is an animator for feature films, as well as an illustrator for books, newspapers and magazines. 

Past Exhibitions