Mosquito Information Page

The Vector Control section of the City of Lubbock Cemetery provides mosquito control for the City and County of Lubbock. Vector Control personnel monitor populations of mosquitoes during the season, checking playa lakes and other water sources for the presence of immature mosquitoes. These populations are treated to reduce adult mosquito numbers.

Adult mosquito populations are monitored by the use of light traps placed throughout the County.

Adult mosquito control is done by Ultra Low Volume sprayers operated at night while mosquitoes are most active.

All mosquitoes have to have standing water to complete their life cycle. It doesn't take much water to have a big mosquito problem. Adult mosquitoes may rest during daylight on shrubs and bushes, but they can't breed in these locations because there isn't water available for their immature forms to develop.


Homeowners can help control mosquitoes by following a few guidelines:

  • Check around your home during mosquito season for any standing water sources that might provide a site for mosquitoes to develop. Leaking water faucets and evaporative cooler leaks are always a potential problem. Flower pots, pet watering dishes, old tires and areas of the yard that retain water after a rain or lawn watering all provide places for mosquitoes to develop.
  • Do the 4 "D's" to prevent mosquito bites:
    • Dress in long sleeved, light colored clothing
    • Avoid being outside between Dawn and Dusk
    • Drain any standing water around your property
    • Use an mosquito repellant containing DEET when going outside
  • Buy a commercial mosquito yard spray and apply it according to package directions.
  • Drain pans under flower pots are a favorite site for some mosquito species to develop. Check them periodically and keep them drained during mosquito season.

Vector Control Services will spray different areas of the city nightly, weather permitting. Due to equipment calibration issues, spraying equipment can be operated only on paved surfaces. Trucks cannot go down alleys.
Citizens can report mosquito problems by calling the Mosquito Hotline at (806) 775-3110.


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