Mosquito FAQs

How often will my property be sprayed for mosquitoes?
Vector control sprays on a rotating schedule. Spraying in a given area occurs approximately once every two weeks, depending on weather and other conditions.

If I am allergic to the mosquito spray, may I request that my area not be sprayed?
Yes. Please contact the Vector Control Department at 806-775-2932 to request no spraying.

I haven’t seen or heard the truck going down my street yet. I don’t believe my area has been sprayed.
Sometimes spraying is not performed due to weather conditions.
The Mosquito Season Information page contains a map that shows areas that have been sprayed.

Does spraying occur prior to a large community special event?
The Vector Control Department does additional spraying in an area of a community wide special event.

I would like to request spraying for my personal or neighborhood event that is coming up. Does the City do that?
Due to the volume of requests and amount of area needing covered, the Vector Control Department is unable to respond to specific neighborhood requests.

Why are the trucks not going down the alleys like they used to?
The trucks used are Ultra Low Volume sprayers. By law, they must spray a certain amount of fog. Going down alleys jostles the equipment and may cause the application of too much or not enough insecticide.

What can I do to prevent mosquitoes?
  • The 4 "D's":
    • Dress in long sleeved, light colored clothing
    • Avoid being outside between Dawn and Dusk
    • Drain any standing water around your property
    • Use an mosquito repellant containing DEET when going outside
  • Buy a mosquito yard spray at any garden center and apply according to directions.

Will the mosquito fog applied by the city hurt my animals/fish?
No. The spray is safe for animals and fish.

I live in the county. How will I know if my area has been sprayed?
The Mosquito Season Information page contains a map that shows areas that have been sprayed.