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Community Development


Community Development
: Strives to create positive change for the citizens of Lubbock by promoting self-sufficiency through partnerships in economic development, quality housing and neighborhood reinvestment.
Our department seeks to improve Lubbock by arresting decline and helping neighborhood residents secure and maintain a better way of life. We monitor Federally-funded and State-funded project performance and compliance. The department also administers several housing programs in-house. Our goals for this mission are in accordance with the City of Lubbock's consolidated plan, the goals of our City Council and assessments of neighborhood needs.

The Community Development Department works closely with our citizens, City Council, the Community Development Services Board, the Urban Renewal Board, the Planning Department and many other city departments to make our community a healthy and safe place to call home.




Program Income Limits

Our programs are designed to assist Lubbock's moderate- and low-income residents and families. There are income restrictions for many of these programs set by state and federal guidelines. Each program has different eligibility requirements so be sure to check on the specific criteria of the program you are interested in.

Check your annual household income against the latest income limits set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The numbers are based on the HUD median family income (called MFI for short) in the Lubbock area.