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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Equal Housing and how do I find out more on the Fair Housing Act?
If you feel you have been discriminated against in the buying or renting of housing based upon race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, handicap, get the correct information from HUD or the Fair Housing link on our Site Map. Community Development has a local Fair Housing Officer to assist you. Angelica Astorga (806) 775-2301.

Can Community Development assist with a tenant/landlord dispute?
NO. If you live in a substandard property, and the landlord does not bring the property into compliance with the City Code standards, The City of Lubbock Code Enforcement can be contacted at (806) 775-2118. Refer to the Codes website  for more information. Lubbock County Dispute Resolution Center can be reached regarding non-property issues at (806) 775-1720.

Does Community Development provide utility assistance?
Utility and Rental grant funds are provided to certain non-profit agencies to help low-income persons with gas and electric bills. Help is also provided for rental assistance with homeless prevention grant funds. View here for more information.

What is public housing and Section 8?
For more information, please contact the Lubbock Housing Authority at (806) 762-1191.

Is there a list of Vacant Lots available for sale?
YES. Please see the Urban Renewal Property Page and select the List of Lots Available Link to see the listing of Vacant Lots available for sale.

Are there bidding procedures and requirements for approved contractors?
We have a great contractor program. Please refer to Contractor Section for more information or contact Rodney Unrein in Community Development at (806) 775-2726. Minority and Women contractors are encouraged to apply.

How long is the normal wait time after being put on the waiting list?
Community Development has several programs with varying requirements including some programs with a lengthy waiting list. Please call our office to obtain a general idea on funding availability and wait time.

How does a non-profit agency apply for a grant?
Our allocation process starts in February with a technical assistance work shop. Please call our office at (806) 775-2296 to have your mailing information put on our mail out list.