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Housing Rehabilitation

The Housing Rehabilitation Program assists qualifying very low, low, and moderate-income homeowners in target areas to rehabilitate their home with a combination payback and forgivable loan. Temporary Relocation Services are provided under the City of Lubbock’s Optional Relocation Policy during the rehabilitation. 

Purpose of the Program To bring homes located in the City of Lubbock into compliance with the minimum housing code. This includes: 

Electrical Systems 

Other repairs which can be done include interior and exterior painting, roof replacement, installation of storm windows, storm doors, insulation. (bedroom or bathroom additions may be approved under limited conditions). 

On houses built prior to 1978, Lead Base Paint regulations may come into play. In these cases, additional expenses may be incurred to cover lead abatement, or if the cost of alleviating lead is too costly, the case may be ineligible for assistance. View more information here.

For information on Housing Reconstruction view here.

Emergency Repair

This is a grant program designed to assist citywide, low-income homeowners in specific areas of repair determined to be of eminent threat. 

Eligible repairs include: waterlines, sewer lines/private water disposal, gas lines, water heaters, heaters (seasonal), electrical systems and other health and safety issues as may be referred by the Housing Inspectors or other City Departments. For more information about the Emergency Repair (ER) program view here.