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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do I need to talk to to get a birth certificate?
Birth and Death Certificates are obtained through Vital Statistics. They are now located at City Hall, 1625 13th St and can be contacted at (806) 775-2926 for more information.

Do you have a dental clinic?
The Dental Clinic is no longer here. All the equipment has been transferred to the Presbyterian Center. For more information, call (806) 747-2741.

Is this the State Health Department?
No, this is the City Health Department. You need to call the local Texas Department of State Health Services at (806) 744-3577.

Where do I call to have my home inspected for foster care?
Please contact Environmental Inspection Services at (806) 775-2928.  They are now located at City Hall, 1625 13th St. 
What time is the Immunization Clinic open?
The times for the Immunization Clinic varies. Call (806) 775-2914 for a listing of clinic hours.

How much does it cost to be seen in the STD clinic?
The cost is $20/visit plus an additional $10 fee for physician evaluation/treatment. For more information visit the Prevention Services website.

Who do I need to speak to regarding a food permit?
For a food permit within the city limits call Environmental Inspection Services at (806) 775-2928. Out of the city limits call the Texas Department of State Health Services, Region 1 at (806) 744-3577.

Can a friend pick up my birth certificate?
Only a Qualified Applicant may pick up birth certificates. (Qualified Applicants: parent, brother, sister, grandparent, power of attorney).  Vital Statistics is now located at City Hall, 1625 13th St. and may be contacted at (806) 775-2926.