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Lake Alan Henry Records

Large Mouth Bass
Caught on March 31, 2006
Caught by Billy Greeson
Weight of fish: 15.0 lbs.
Length of fish: 25.25"
Girth: 22"

Previous Record
Caught on April 2, 2000
Caught by Steve Campbell
Weight of fish: 14.94 lbs.
Length of fish: 24.5"

Large Mouth Bass Record
Spotted Bass
State and Local Record
Caught on January 15, 2011
by Erik Atkins
Weight of Fish: 5.62 lbs.
Length of Fish: 22.75"
Girth of Fish: 15"

Previous Record
Caught on December 19, 2009
by Danny Pool
Weight of Fish: 5.01 lbs.
Length of Fish: 22"
Girth of Fish: 14"

Spotted Bass Record
White Crappie
Caught on September 9, 2007
Caught by Tim Dickinson
of Canadian, Texas
Weight of fish: 2.59 lbs.
Length of fish: 17"

Previous Record
Caught on July 19, 2003
Caught by Brandi Jones
Weight of fish: 2.36 lbs.
Length of fish: 17"

White Crappie Record
Flathead Catfish
Caught on July 22, 2003
Caught by Brian Cloud
Weight of fish: 41 lbs.
Length of fish: 41"
(No Photo Available)

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