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Programs for 6th thru 8th Grade

The following courses are offered for 6th thru 8th Grade. These courses are listed in the recommended sequence in which they should be followed. 


Program Name & Download Description
Fred the Fish's Awesome Adventure This presentation teaches students how the water they use and drink gets cleaned.
Edible Aquifer This program is designed to teach students parts and uses of the aquifer.
Water Treatment Video
  • Video
To give students a "birds eye view" of the water treatment plant. Students will be able to recognize unique aspects of the water treatment plant, and understand their importance to the treatment process.
Examining Effluent Students will learn how the water is treated at the waste water plant after it has been used and what happens to that treated water.
Runaway Runoff Students will be able to describe what runoff is, how it can become polluted and this can effect our environment.
What's In Your Water Students will analyze the City of Lubbock’s Water Quality Report and will learn about different kinds of water.
The Best Fisherman Students will "go fishing" to understand resource management and conservation.
Water Shortages
  • Lesson Plan
Students will analyze different media and promotional items to come to conclusions about water supply issues and possible solutions.


Program Name & Download Description
Edible Landfill This presentation teaches students about the value of the landfill and how they need to minimize the amount of trash they throw away and how they throw it away.
Garbage Pizza Students will construct a "garbage pizza" to learn the proportion of the types of trash that are thrown away and how much could be recycled.
Recycle Relay Students will learn which items can be recycled in Lubbock and then practice sorting items in a fun, fast-paced game.


Program Name & Download Description
Blow Wind Blow Introduce students to an environmentally friendly power supply: wind.