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Programs for Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade

The following courses are offered for Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade. These courses are listed in the recommended sequence in which they should be followed. 


Program Name & Download Description
Blue Stuff Students will make a “Water Necklace” as a reminder of how little water is available for drinking water.
Cloudy Days The project will explain the difference between evaporation and precipitation and give a clear overview of the water cycle. The students will have a better understanding of the water cycle and how it relates to the weather.
The Tale of 2 Droplets This lesson features an award-winning video about two water droplets who teach how to conserve water.
Water Bracelet To educate the students about the water cycle and how our actions and the weather can play an important roll in the water cycle.


Program Name & Download Description
Make-A-Tree Students will “Make a Tree” by recycling and will learn the process by which paper is made from wood.
Sources of Resources Students will identify the natural resources that were used in the creation of various products.
Mask of Trash To educate students about the amount of trash that is thrown away each day and to make them aware of alternative ways to dispose of items that would normally be put in the trash.
Bird Feeder This presentation teaches students about recycling plastic and saving space in the landfill.
Recycle Relay Students will learn which items can be recycled in Lubbock and then practice sorting items in a fun, fast-paced game.