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Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization - LMPO

Federal legislation governing transportation funds requires metropolitan area transportation plans and programs to be developed through a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive (3-C) planning process. The Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization is the MPO for the Lubbock urbanized area and covers the adjusted urbanized area plus the area projected to be developed within the next 20 years.

The Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization is made up of various stakeholders including the City of Lubbock, The City of Wolfforth, Lubbock County, the Texas Department of Transportation’s Lubbock District Office, and Citibus (public transportation),with the guidance of  the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration.

The LMPO is designated by the Governor of Texas through its Transportation Policy Committee.

Transportation Policy Committee – TPC

The Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization is made up of a nine member Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) which is the group responsible for the overall operation of the Metropolitan Planning Organization and sets policy for the MPO and staff. It is responsible for insuring that the requirements, as established in stated and federal laws and regulations, are carried out.

Transportation Advisory Committee – TAC

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is the group of the MPO that provides technical support to the Transportation Policy Committee and MPO staff. It reports directly to the Transportation Policy Committee.

LMPO Staff

The Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization currently has three staff members, the Transportation Planning Director, the Transportation Planner, and the Transportation Planning Technician to provide the day to day functions of the LMPO.

Public Participation

The LMPO has an extensive public participation process and provides a ten (10) to thirty (30) day public comment period before taking action on plans and programs in order to encourage the public to be a part of the planning process as early as possible. 

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    MOVE OVER - Did you know that a new law was passed in Texas that requires motorists to "move over" for TxDOT vehicles that are flashing yellow and blue lights? You must either move over a lane or reduce your speed to 20 mph under the posted speed limit. This law is designed to keep TxDOT employees safe, so when you see those flashing lights, MOVE OVER.

    EVERYONE IS A PEDESTRIAN - U.S. DOT Launches "Everyone is a Pedestrian" Campaign
    ​The NHTSA has released an excellent walkability checklist, encouraging parents to walk round their neighborhood with their kids, take note of obstacles to safe walking, and take action to remediate them. The checklist, in both English and Spanish is in the links below. Take some time to "walk" with your kids, especially if they walk to school, to see how your neighborhood matches up. 

    Walkability Checklist - Walkability Checklist Spanish Version
    A Kid's guide to Safe Walking - A great brochure to keep your kids safe.

    For more information visit the National Highway Traffic Safety's Website at: NHTSA

    kids in hot cars





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