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  • Bicycle Maps/Plan
    This is a planning document outlining the development of bicycling transportation in the LMPO area.
  • LMPO Bylaws
    January 2010 revision of the Operating Procedures for LMPO.
  • LMPO Booklets & Brochures
    A collection of booklets and brochures published by the LMPO.
  • LMPO Handbook
  • Maps and Graphics
    Various maps and graphics of the LMPO area or projects.
  • Newsletters
    Find out current and upcoming news involving the LMPO.
  • Participation Plan
    With the passage of SAFETEA-LU in 2005, new requirements were included for the previous Public Involvement Plan. The LMPO has revised its plan to include the new requirements as well as a name change of the document to the Participation Plan.
  • Federal Certification Review
    The Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization was jointly recertified by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration in 2012. The next Certification Review will be in June of 2016. Below is the final report from the 2012 Joint Certification Review.
  • 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP:2040)
    A long range planning document that determines future transportation infrastructure improvement within the LMPO area.
  • Texas Metropolitan Mobility Plan (TMMP)
    A needs based planning document to determine the gap between the fiscally constrained MTP and the total needs of the metropolitan area.
  • Executive Summary
    At the April 13, 2004 TPC meeting the Transportation Planning and Programming Division, Traffic Analysis Section, of the Texas Department of Transportation presented the LMPO with the Traffic Demand Model. Click on the link to read the Executive Summary.
  • 2014 UPWP
    This is an annual administrative document outlining the specific tasks and budget of the activities to be undertaken within the LMPO planning staff.
  • Congestion Management Process
    At the March 7, 2008 TPC meeting, the 2008 Congestion Management Process was adopted by the LMPO.
  • FY 15-18 TIP Final
    This is a short range planning document coordinating transportation improvement projects of all agencies in the LMPO.
  • Thoroughfare Plan
    A graphical representation of the existing and proposed street system in the MPO area.
  • Limited English Proficiency Plan
  • Title VI Environmental Justice
  • Spanish LEP Complaint Form
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
 - Year 2013-2016 document
Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) - FY 2013 document