Jeff Griffith, District 3




Jeff Griffith was elected to serve on the Lubbock City Council as the District 3 Representative in June 2014.

District 3 Overview
Council member Griffith is proud to represent the Council District that is in the heart of our great city. District 3 encompasses the majority of Texas Tech University as well as Lubbock’s Medical District. It includes many shopping and retail corridors, as well as the South Plains Mall. Lubbock Independent School District has five elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools within District 3, and seven older, well-established City parks provide recreational and open space opportunities for local residents.

Jeff’s goal is to preserve our residents’ quality of life, as well as to protect homeowners and the value of their homes. District 3 has many unique neighborhoods and many small and large businesses. Encouraging further residential and business reinvestment and redevelopment within District 3 is also one of his priorities.

Personal and Professional Life
Jeff is a Lubbock native and graduate of Monterey High School. He has two sons, both of whom graduated from Texas Tech University. Jeff is a member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the South Plains Association of Government’s Board of Directors. He supports the local Boys and Girls Club, and is proud to have been elected to their Alumni Hall of Fame. Jeff is the owner of Brand Source Radio Lab, and has been involved in this business for over 27 years. He has served on the Brand Source National Board of Directors, a $14 billion operation, and has also served two terms as Brand Source Southwest Regional President.

Council member Griffith is honored to serve the residents of District 3 and the citizens of Lubbock.

Maedgen Elementary Town Hall - June 28, 2017

I want to express my appreciation to everyone who attended the District 3 Town Hall Meeting on June 28th. I appreciate Maedgen Elementary for hosting our meeting, my colleagues on the City Council as well as the City staff who were in attendance. We had a productive meeting that lasted over an hour and a half, and the following is a brief summary of what was discussed.

Police Chief Greg Stevens spoke about crime prevention and safety. Chief Stevens stressed that if you are the victim of a crime, and even if you believe it is unlikely that the Police will catch the criminal, it is very important to call the Police and make a report. The Police record and study crime reports, and reporting a crime helps the Police deploy their resources more effectively.

Getting to know your neighbors and your neighborhood was also stressed. Neighbors who keep an eye on their property and on their neighbor’s property, as well as being neighbors who are alert in noticing suspicious activities make for a safer neighborhood. Organizing a Neighborhood Watch Program is very effective in helping make a safer neighborhood. Please call 806-775-2971, if you are interested in working with the Police to organize a Neighborhood Watch Program.

If you have questions or need Police assistance that is not an emergency, you can always call 806-775-2865, and talk to a Police Officer. You should ALWAYS call 911 if it is an emergency.

Chief Stevens also talked about the Police and Fire Departments being out in force this year to issue citations for using fireworks illegally within City limits. The City has released news media and social media information about its efforts to increase enforcement this year. Fireworks inside the City limits are dangerous, a fire hazard, disturb neighbors and pets, and are illegal.

codes-sweepOn the day of our Town Hall meeting, the City’s Codes Enforcement Department did a “sweep” of the Monterey – Wheelock Neighborhood. These sweeps take-up an entire day, use almost all of the Code Department’s staff, and are done once a month during the spring, summer, and fall. A roll-off container is placed in the neighborhood to help residents more conveniently dispose of old mattresses, bulky trash, or large appliances. During the day, staff writes-up code violations, visits with residents about Codes issues, and focuses their help within the neighborhood.  I checked out the activities and results of Wednesday’s Codes Sweep, and they were impressive. I would encourage you to call Stuart Walker in Code Enforcement at 775-3195 if you have questions or want to learn more about Code Enforcement. 

One common question Codes receives come from residents who have a dumpster behind their property. Sometimes large items that are left outside the dumpster, and even though the property owner did not place them there, City Ordinance says it is the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of the items. Stuart asked people to call his office to report the items being placed there so Codes Officers can investigate. The Codes Department will investigate and work with the property owner to dispose of the item.

We then had a general discussion of streets.
I provided information about the 19th Street Improvement Project between University and Memphis Avenue, which is a TxDOT project. However, as part of this project, the City will be changing the parking on the south side of 19th Street to Resident Only parking. As many District 3 residents are aware, students parking on 19th and crossing 6 lanes of traffic is a public safety issue, and TxDOT’s project and the change in parking arrangements will be improvements.

There are also street projects on 50th Street between Quaker and University Avenue, and others in District 3 near 24th and Memphis in the Medical District.

There were questions about specific intersections, street lights, and traffic lights at the meeting. We visited with those who made the inquiry, received their contact information, and are getting back with them after researching their questions.

If you have a question about Streets or Traffic, please call the department at 806-775-2606.

Maxey Drainage Project
Maxey Drainage Project, which is part of a larger storm water drainage project, was given a Notice to Proceed last month. This project will address much of the flooding problem at Maxey Lake, adjacent neighborhoods, and the Medical District. The project is scheduled to be completed in spring of 2019.

Plan Lubbock 2040
1705FB_CPACsurveyAt this meeting I provided information about the on-going efforts to create a new Comprehensive Plan for the Future of Lubbock. We have not undergone this process and developed a new plan since 1986, and the process is now underway. This effort will determine what Lubbock will look like and covers all aspects of our City from parks, to streets, to annexation, and so much more. There is a committee that has been formed to gather information from citizens to develop the land use plan. I encouraged everyone at the meeting to follow this committee’s activities and to participate in any public hearings they hold.

PLEASE go online and take the Plan Lubbock 2040 Survey HERE. You taking this survey and the City receiving your opinions and input is extremely important, so PLEASE take a few minutes and take the survey.

19642300_10212020977772778_7474370173114397532_nLoud Parties and Disruptive Neighbors
Some in attendance had problems with loud parties on their block as well as neighbors who were not keeping up with their property.

It is important to call the Police if there is a loud party at 806-775-2865, so they will be aware of the problem. Police will usually visit with the resident, and will be consistent in their enforcement efforts if future disturbances occur.

Representatives from Lubbock Power and Light were at the meeting and provided information about advanced metering systems that has been proposed to be implemented. Currently electric meters are read by employees who manually record and input the information. Under advanced metering, the electric meter will be connected to a system that gives real time monitoring of electric use. The advantages are many, including the ability for the customer to track their usage and keep track of their electric bill, it allows LP&L to immediately know if there is an outage at a specific house, and it eliminates human error in the billing process.

19553968_10212020977812779_8006046338292701410_nThere are some people with concerns, who wish to opt-out of having advanced metering systems and keep their current manual system. LP&L is in the process of determining a policy that will allow them to keep their old system.

Again, I appreciate everyone who attended the Town Hall meeting, and I hope this summary is helpful to those who were not able to be there. It is an honor to serve the residents of District 3, and I hope you will contact me at City Hall at 806-775-2050 or e-mail me at if I can ever be helpful.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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