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What type of emergency repairs are available and how does someone qualify for assistance? (Emergency Repair)

This is a grant program designed to assist citywide, low-income homeowners in specific areas of repair determined to be of eminent threat.

Eligible repairs include: waterlines, sewer lines/private water disposal, gas lines, water heaters, heaters (seasonal), electrical systems and other health and safety issues as may be referred by the Housing Inspectors or other City Departments.

Please read below for more detailed information to see if you qualify.

Program Guidelines

According to the Emergency Repair guidelines, a single family home may qualify for assistance under the following circumstances: "An unforeseen combination of circumstances which call for immediate action to protect the health or safety of the occupants and the possible spread of threatening conditions to the neighborhood as a whole".

Every effort will be made to utilize the assistance of other City departments to assist in identifying legitimate Emergency Repair situations.

The maximum grant for the Emergency Repair Program is $2,500.

The Emergency Repair program is designed to assist in the following specific areas of repair:
  • Sewer Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Air Conditioning (seasonal)
  • Heaters (seasonal)
  • Water Lines
  • Water Heaters
  • Electrical Systems

Intake Procedure

Initial contact is made by the client, or by referral from another agency. At the time of the intake interview, the client is required to fill out a short application and furnish the following documents:

Proof of income ● Warranty Deed ● Picture ID ● Social Security card.

Program Applicability

The beneficiaries of the Emergency Repair program are elderly, disabled, and low-income families living in the City of Lubbock.

(Verification of income and proof of home ownership are required for the Emergency Repair program).

To be eligible for this program, the applicant must be either an individual or family who own and occupy a permanent stationary single dwelling residential property under a warranty deed or a land sales contract.

(Mobile Homes do not qualify unless the applicant owns both the home and the land).

The income limits for this program are 80% of median adjusted for family size.

Income Guidelines

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