Security Badging FAQs

If my badge is lost, stolen or damaged is there a charge to replace it?
Yes. There is a $100.00 non-refundable fee to reissue a lost, stolen, or damaged security identification badge.

What if I am no longer employed by my company?
Upon ending employment you must return your badge to your employer or the Airport Operations.

Can an expiration date be set to fit the needs of my company?
Yes. The Airport can put a short term or a two-year expiration date on most badges once a written request is received from an authorized signer.

When I submit my paperwork do I need to bring identification to receive a badge?
Yes. Please bring two forms of identification. The most common forms of acceptable identification are a driver's license or military ID card with a social security card, certified copy of the individual's birth certificate, or a U.S. passport. Any questions regarding acceptable IDs should be directed to Airport Operations at (806) 775-2044.

My company provides SIDA training for new employees, do I still need to schedule a training appointment for new staff?
No. There are tenants whose staff have been given the authorization and training to provide their own training and testing. These employees must present the Airport with identification, paperwork and training documentation.

Can access to badge readers be restricted by time and day?
Yes. If your company needs to restrict access to an area, we can accommodate this request. Ex. An employee only needs access to the SIDA from 0430-2100 on Monday-Friday.

How much time is required for the training classes and fingerprinting?
For SIDA please allow 1 hour. Non-SIDA training should last about 15 minutes. Contractors should contact Airport Operations for more information. AOA or ramp driving (RDL) please allow 30 minutes. For fingerprinting please allow 30 minutes.

I am a hangar tenant, do I need to be badged?
Yes. The Airport has paperwork for you to complete, after that a non-SIDA badge will be issued. If you have any additional questions you should contact the hangar manager or Airport Operations.

My company requires that we drive on the ramps and access roads, do you train for this?
Yes. This AOA or RDL training will require an additional 30 minutes to train for this.

I have a vehicle that needs to be driven on a ramp, do I need to complete any paperwork?
Yes. All vehicles driven inside the AOA must be registered with the airport police.

I am the representative from a new company at Lubbock International Airport, how do I begin the badging process?
First call the Airport Operations and ask for the Operations Supervisor. You will be asked preliminary questions to determine your specific needs. Once access is determined, you will complete paperwork to begin the process. Please allow 2-3 days to complete the setup.

When can a badge be issued or a problem resolved?
Any question can be addressed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the Airport Operations.

If you have questions, problems, comments or concerns please contact Airport Operations at (806) 775-2044, 24 hours a day. The office is located on the second floor of the Lubbock International Airport.