Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Academy

Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport is an ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) Index C airport. The ARFF facility is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each shift is staffed by a minimum of 5 firefighters who must be trained and prepared to respond to a wide variety of aviation emergencies at a moment’s notice.

The Lubbock ARFF facility also offers a Basic Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Academy, which is hosted by Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. Lubbock's ARFF Academy meets the FAA‘s 40-hour requirement and is directed toward ARFF personnel who work at airports under FAR Part 139.

Classes are taught at the City of Lubbock’s modern, state of the art Fire Training Academy. All instructors are ARFF certified and, at a minimum, hold an Intermediate Instructors Certificate from the Texas Fire Commission. Students will be trained in accordance with FAR Part 139.319 & AC 150/5210-17.

Practical training is conducted at the airport’s new Live-Fire Training Facility. It features exterior and interior aircraft mock-ups, allowing instructors to simulate any aircraft fire-fighting scenario. Both mock-ups utilize fossil fuel, creating the most realistic training conditions possible. Maximum emphasis is placed on safety, and NFPA 1403 is adhered to at all times. Students can bring their own SCBA equipment and protective clothing. However, SCBA rental is available.

For additional questions please contact the ARFF training coordinator at: (806) 767-3021.