Airfield Maintenance

Airfield Maintenance is located on the east side of the Airport. The department is composed of 7 employees with at least one on call at all times. All Airfield Maintenance employees are on call during the winter season to keep the runways clear and ready for use.

Airfield Maintenance maintains all airport property with the exception of the buildings. This includes all paved surfaces, runways, taxiways, airport terminal ramp and aircraft parking ramps encompassing 1,076,000 yards of concrete and 738,000 yards of asphalt. The department is also charged with maintaining all painted surfaces, airport signage and airfield lighting. In addition, the team maintains 19 miles of fence line and more than 3,000 acres of non-paved surface area.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is comprised of both maintenance and custodial staff. The maintenance staff consists of a lead mechanic, electrician, electronics technician, and three mechanics. They maintain the terminal, including the heating and cooling system, jet bridges, baggage conveyor systems, security monitoring system, plumbing, electrical installations, and the general upkeep of the Airport. Some buildings found on the East as well as the West Port are part of the Facility Maintenance Department’s responsibility.

Additional areas include a few buildings on the Eastport and Westport including the Weather Bureau, the parking facilities with its four gatehouses and numerous gate arms. During winter operations Facilities Maintenance is charged with snow removal in front of the terminal, assisting City snow plows as necessary to clear the street landing to and from the airport as well as keeping the areas around the jet-bridges free of snow and ice.

The custodial staff is comprised of a lead custodian, that oversees seven additional, is responsible for keeping the terminal’s main lobby, ticket counter space, boarding areas, restrooms, jet bridges and offices neat and clean.