Do's & Don'ts of Airport Travel

Before Leaving for the Airport

  • DON’T bring stun guns in carry-on baggage. You should always check a stun gun in your checked baggage.
  • DO call your airline before leaving for the airport to make sure that your flight has not been delayed or cancelled. The airline phone numbers can be found on the Airport Contact Us Page.
  • DO plan to arrive at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport at least 60-90 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart.
  • DO make sure that you have all of your travel documents before leaving home. Such documents include airline tickets or boarding passes, passports (if required), and a valid government issued Photo I.D. The absence of proper identification will result in additional screening. Minors are not required to show identification.
  • DON’T pack prohibited items. For a complete list of prohibited items, please visit the TSA website.
  • DON’T bring wrapped gifts in carry-on or checked baggage.
  • DON’T place medications, valuables, or cash in checked baggage. These items should only be placed in carry-on luggage.

At the Airport

  • DON’T leave your vehicle unattended in front of the terminal. If you must leave your vehicle unattended, please park in short-term parking. Vehicles found unattended in front of the terminal building are subject to being ticketed and towed.
  • DON’T bring food or drink through the security check point. Food and drink purchased after the checkpoint has been screened and can be carried onto the aircraft.
  • DO remove all metal items and place them with your carry-on luggage before reaching the security checkpoint. Such items may include cell phones, jewelry, belt buckles, loose change, keys, pagers, etc.
  • DO ensure that you have your valid identification and boarding pass available when reaching the security checkpoint. Security personnel will request these before you will be allowed to proceed to the TSA security checkpoint.
  • DON’T place undeveloped film in your checked baggage. TSA’s security equipment used for screening checked baggage may damage your undeveloped film. Place your film in your carry-on baggage or request a hand inspection. The X-ray machine that screens your carry-on baggage at the passenger security checkpoint will not affect undeveloped film under ASA/ISO 800. For more information, see the TSA’s Traveling with Special Items.
  • DO enjoy your trip and use these travel tips to help ensure a quick and pleasant trip through Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.