Travel Tips - Be Prepared

Traveling is exciting and we want to help you be prepared. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact Airport Operations, 806-775-2044.

Before You Leave for the Airport

* Contact your airline to ensure your flight is on-time.
* Arrive 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
* Bring all your travel documentation including airline tickets or boarding passes, passports (if required), and a valid government issued Photo I.D. Minors, under age 18, are not required to show identification.
* Don’t pack prohibited items. For a complete list of prohibited items, check with TSA.
* Don’t bring wrapped gifts in carry-on or checked baggage.
* Don’t place medications, keys, valuables, or cash in checked baggage; these items should only be placed in carry-on luggage.
* Don’t bring food or drinks through the security check point.

Baggage Rules

Most major airlines allow one free carry-on bag per passenger and typically charge fees for additional bags. All items are subject to size and weight restrictions. Rules vary by airline, check with your carrier for specific guidelines.

Traveling With a Firearm

* Don’t attempt to carry a firearm through the passenger screening area.
* There should not be any loose ammunition in your luggage.
* Check with your airline for their procedures to declare a firearm in your checked luggage.

Internet Access

Free high speed-wireless internet access is available in the terminal building.

Meeting Someone

* When your flight arrives you will claim your checked luggage and proceed to the curb. Contact your ride, via text or phone, and they will arrive curbside to pick you up at lane 1.
* If you are picking someone up then you will wait at the Cell Phone Waiting Area, in your car, until your passenger arrives and then proceed to the terminal building to pick them up.
* Up to 30 minutes of free parking is available in the short and long term parking lots.
* You may park your car in the parking lot to come and greet your passenger.
* Do NOT leave your vehicle unattended in front of the terminal.
* If you leave your vehicle unattended, it is subject to be ticketed and towed.

Lost & Found

To locate items left at security checkpoint, contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 866-289-9673 or call Airport Operations 806-775-2044 for items left in the terminal. For items left on an aircraft check with airline operator.