Report Animal Nuisance

Any of the following is considered a public nuisance or an animal disturbance:
Lubbock City Ordnance defines public nuisance as the conduct of any owner in allowing an animal to:
  • Engage in conduct which establishes such animal as a “dangerous animal”;
  • Damage, soil, defile or defecate on private property other than the owner’s or on public property, unless such waste is immediately removed and properly disposed of by the owner of the animal;
  • Be “at large” (excluding sterilized and registered cats that are identified by some means of traceable identification);
  • Cause a disturbance by excessive barking or noise making near the private residence of another;
  • Produce odors or unclean conditions sufficient to offend a person of normal sensibilities standing or which creates a condition conductive to the breeding of flies or other pests;
  • Chase vehicles, or molest, attack or interfere with other animals or persons, or is at-large on public or private property; or
  • Create a condition that is dangerous to human life or health; renders the ground, the water, the air or the food a hazard or injurious to human life or health or that is offensive to the senses; or that is detrimental to the public health.

To report a disturbance, please have the following information:
  • Your contact information
  • Location of disturbance
  • Type of animal
  • Detailed description of disturbance

*Animal disturbances will be investigated within Lubbock city limits.
*Animal Services will respond to each case on a priority basis.

Remember, if your animal is causing a disturbance, criminal or civil action can be taken.

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Information on Barking