Adoption Process

Lubbock Animal Services welcomes everyone who is considering adopting, to consider a shelter animal. Adoption can be a very rewarding experience. Our successful adoption program is based on matching the needs of our animals with the lifestyles of our adopters.

We encourage everyone in the family (other household pets too!) who will interact with the new pet to come to the Shelter. Some animals get along with everybody, but some do not. We would rather identify and circumvent that issue at the shelter rather than at the new home and the animal risk being returned. All of our adoption animals are temperament tested to the best of our ability but occasionally, traits are not seen until the animal gets into its new home.

At the time of adoption, a local veterinarian to perform the spay/neuter of the animal is chosen by the adopter or Lubbock Animal Services if a preference is not made. We try to find the earliest appointment available.

The adoption fee for animals at the Lubbock Shelter is $60. This includes the following:
  • Spay/neuter
  • Microchip implanted
  • Rabies vaccine with tag and license (12 weeks or older)
  • All required species correct vaccinations
  • Collar and leash
Texas state law requires all animals adopted from Texas animal shelters to be spayed or neutered.

Choosing the Right Pet for You

Before making the decision to get a pet, spend some time determining why you want one and what type of pet would be best for your family.

Match your lifestyle to the right pet for you...

  • Think about things that are important in your life now. Do you have extra time to devote to a pet?
  • How physically active are you...really? Some animals need lots of daily exercise or attention to achieve their potential.
  • Do you want your pet to be a part of an active life-style? Or a couch potato? Somewhere in-between? The great thing about animals is they can fit in anywhere.
  • Do you or any household member have allergies to pets? There are some breeds that can still work in these situations!
  • How settled is your life? Are you expecting major life-style changes over the next several years? Animals like people feel stress and can react to it.
  • Many pets live for years. A pet that fits into your life-style today needs to fit in tomorrow. Animals are not disposable! Many animals have a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Spaying and Neutering
Spaying (female) and neutering (male) is the act of rendering an animal incapable of reproducing and having offspring by a licensed veterinarian. Texas state law requires all animals adopted from Texas animal shelters to be spayed/neutered. After an animal is spayed or neutered, there are few behavioral differences between males or females. Opinions vary as to which sex has the gentler nature. Most "experts" agree to look to the individual animal or breed versus listening to generalities of gender.

Please visit the Animal Services Adoption Center at 3323 SE Loop 289, Lubbock, TX 79404.