How do I report illegal construction?

A citizen may wish to inquire about the permitted status of a construction project, and/or to report a project that he/she knows requires a permit, yet is being conducted without one. Any citizen may contact the Building Inspection Department at (806) 775-2087 to ask whether a particular project has been permitted. Please be prepared to give a correct street address where the work is occurring as well as a description of the alleged work that is being performed, and the contractor name, if available. This inquiry or report may also be made via the Citizen on-line portal.

If reporting illegal construction, it is helpful to note the specific date and time of day the work was observed, and the description or license plate numbers of any construction vehicles involved. Licensed contractors will often have their State license number affixed to the side of work vehicles as well. If unsure whether a particular project requires a permit, please see “Do I need A Permit?”.

The citizen reporting the contractor may do so anonymously, if desired; however, the citizen should understand that all such information is kept strictly confidential and cannot be reported to anyone if given in confidence.

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