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Find Information about More Than two Unrelated Persons in a Home

The majority of our neighborhoods in the City of Lubbock are zoned as single family neighborhoods. In these neighborhoods no more than two unrelated persons may live in a dwelling.

If you read the ordinance for the residential zone, you will find that use is limited to single family residences. In the definition section of the Code of Ordinances, the definition of family is as follows: “One or more persons related by blood, adoption, or marriage, or not more than two (2) unrelated persons living and cooking together as a single housekeeping unit.”

This means that the City Of Lubbock does not limit the number of related people who can live together in a residential structure in a residential zone; the federal courts have held that to be unconstitutional. However, if the people living together are not related, no more than two may live together in a single family zone.

This ordinance is enforced by complaint only. This means that we do not go out looking for this violation. Usually, complaints come in following a loud party or late-night disturbance. Sometimes a complaint will come in because too many cars are parked in the yard. It is not usually the actual cohabitation of too many people that prompts complaints, but rather the actions of these cohabiters. You, as a citizen, can help a great deal if you will write down the license numbers of the vehicles that are at the property on a regular basis – the vehicles belonging to the people who you believe actually live there. That way we can identify the involved persons, who will be sent a notice and expected to comply.