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Find Information about RV's and Other Oversized Vehicles

The City of Lubbock has an ordinance that regulates parking on private property. Any recreational vehicle (RV) or equipment or trailer is considered an “oversized vehicle” if it is over seven feet in width or seven feet in height or twenty-two feet in length.

Parking of oversized vehicles is prohibited anywhere within the required front yard setback of a lot. No structure is permitted within this area. To determine the front yard setback, measure 25 feet back from the property line. The property line is usually found at the inside edge of the sidewalk (the side closest to the house). On most lots in Lubbock, the fronts of the houses are at minimum setback, so there is no room in most driveways to park an RV and still meet the setback requirement.

Oversized vehicles are allowed within the setback area for the purpose of loading and unloading, but this allowance is limited to 48 hours in a one week period. Another exception is that an RV is allowed within the setback area if it is being used as living and sleeping quarters for a non-Lubbock resident visiting the occupants at the address in question. In this case, the RV is allowed to stay (and people to stay in it) for 14 days out of a 30 day period.

Where can an RV or other oversized vehicle legally park?
They may be stored within an enclosed building, under a legal carport, in the rear or side yards, or behind the required front yard setback. On a corner lot, however, RV's must be screened by a fence if they are parked in the side yard adjacent to the street.

As with many ordinances, there is a provision to excuse those who can show hardship. A property owner may apply to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a variance. If the variance is approved, the RV or oversized vehicle may be legally parked in the driveway, within the 25-foot setback area. Anyone who has an RV and wants to park it on their property is encouraged to contact the Codes Department to make sure they are in compliance with the ordinance. A link to the Zoning ordinance can be found on the main page of the City's web page under "Code of Ordinances".