Services - Code Enforcement

Report Public Nuisance


“No use shall be permitted which is or would reasonably be injurious to the neighborhood residents or which would interfere with the reasonable use and enjoyment of their property by reason of the emission of dust, smoke, odor, glare, noise, vibrations, trash, junk, water spray, or by reason of any condition which would amount to a public nuisance at common law.” (Sec. 40.03.202(c), City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances.) (Any item that is not customarily used or stored outside or is not made of material that is resistant to damage from exposure to the weather cannot be placed outside for storage. Exceptions are lawn furniture and landscaping items.)

Public nuisance, as you can see from the ordinance above, is a rather broad category. The most common violation within this category is junk and trash found on private property in front and back yards, in alleys, and between houses. Sometimes people accumulate more stuff than they realize, and before they know it, they have created a public nuisance. Other times, the stuff is accumulated on purpose – it’s someone’s treasure. But for whatever reasons the stuff exists, when it becomes a big enough collection, and that collection is outdoors and visible from the alley or the street, it is a public nuisance.

When a public nuisance is identified, a notice is issued to the property owner and/or the occupant. The violation must be corrected within the time allowed by the inspector. If it is corrected, the case is closed. If it is not corrected, citations will be issued. However, inspectors are willing to work with property owners, and a time extension may be granted if a property owner or occupant requests it.

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