The Office of Emergency Management


The City of Lubbock's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) mission is to minimize loss of life and personal injury, and damage to property and the environment from disasters by maintaining an Emergency Management program that addresses preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery for all hazards, in close coordination with Lubbock County, state and federal agencies. We strive to accomplish this through a continuing program of outreach, coordination, planning, training and exercising, for all hazards and for all four phases of emergency management -- preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.                


Coordinate with all levels of management within the City of Lubbock and Lubbock County to ensure an optimum level of emergency preparedness.

  • Review and update City/County of Lubbock Emergency Management Plan
  • Prepare annual Emergency Management Performance Grant Application, Statement of Work and Progress Reports
  • Assist Lubbock departments in the review and revision of their Emergency Management Performance annexes and Standard Operating Guidelines
  • Participate in emergency management staff development activities
Administer contracts and grants related to Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS).
  • Submit applications, deliverables and reports as required by the grant
  • Coordinate procurement of grant equipment with South Plains Area Council of Governments and State Administrative Agency
Provide training and response activities for City, County and the South Plains Association of Governments region.
  • Develop and conduct exercises as outlined in the approved annual work plan
  • Provide and/or coordinate training classes as needed
Coordinate planning with community partners and medical centers.
  • Conduct planning meetings with community support/volunteer agencies
  • Integrate local MMRS planning with the medical systems
  • Present public awareness programs