Phases of Emergency Management

The City of Lubbock Emergency Management Department works with each department within the City of Lubbock, as well as Lubbock County, in order to prepare for an inevitable disaster before it has a chance to strike Lubbock. This preparation is aimed at saving lives, property, money, time and resources.

The City of Lubbock Emergency Management Department implements various hazard mitigation activities designed to eliminate, reduce, and postpone future impacts of disasters within the Lubbock community.

The City of Lubbock Emergency Management Department coordinates the City/County of Lubbock's response actions and communications during any and all disasters or emergency situations. The Emergency Management Department is directly responsible for Emergency Operations Center (EOC). When the EOC is activated, the Emergency Management Department provides information and coordination to help manage all aspects of city-wide response.

Communication among City, County, State, and Federal responders is the key to handling emergency response successfully. Effective communication helps all responders to fully understand the situation and formulate the appropriate response.

The City of Lubbock Emergency Management Department realizes that recovering from a disaster can be a long and difficult process for everyone involved. It is important that there is coordination between all members of the Lubbock community. The City of Lubbock works closely with the South Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Lubbock Salvation Army in order to provide recovery assistance for our community.