Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan focuses on the approved strategic issues, goals and objectives, and strategies that support the accomplishment of the mission. In addition, details of the proposed funding within each category are listed by strategy. A proposed Budget Summary and Activities Log were developed.


Goal 1: Improve the countywide emergency early alert/notification system and the ability to communicate with local, state and federal agencies.
  • Develop an affordable, comprehensive, bilingual communication and emergency alert system that is available to all citizens.
  • Improve the ability for all local, state and federal public safety agencies to communicate during emergencies/disasters

Goal 2: Improve the flood drainage systems in flood-prone neighborhoods. 

  • Provide adequate drainage and emergency for all flood-prone areas in Lubbock.

Goal 3: Increase awareness and personal preparation for disaster planning

  • Educate citizens about opportunities for personal and business preparedness, planning and recovery.
  • Family Preparedness
    • Physically Impaired
    • Senior Citizens
    • School Age Children
    • College Students
  • Business Preparedness
    • Develop an all hazards Emergency
  • Operations Plan
Goal 4: Increase the number of wind resistant structures (Homes, public meeting/gathering places).
  •  Provide public awareness programs concerning wind resistant structures; building new and retrofitting existing structures, to be designated as "Safe Places".
Goal 5: Improve information in G.I.S. for disaster analysis/response.
  • Further develop basic information layers in Lubbock's G.I.S. for disaster analysis and response.

Goal 6: Regional domestic preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). 

  • Ensure the region, Lubbock, and first responders are prepared, trained and equipped for incidences involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD). (CC'00)
    • Improve first responder training and equipment.
    • Trained bomb squad.
    • Development of secure, isolated emergency receiving and treatment facilities for biological and/or chemical-affected patients.
    • Development of an approved Terrorism Annex (Response Procedures) and Standard Operating Procedures/Guides to the Emergency Operations Plan.

Goal 7: Improve the community's ability to recover from disasters. 

  • Update the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) by developing procedures (Annexes) addressing Disaster Recovery and Managing Volunteer Resources.