Honor Guard

The Honor Guard represents the Lubbock Fire Department at funerals, memorial services, and any other function authorized/requested by the Chief of the department or his designee. Requests should be made through Fire Administration or Fire Dispatch.

The Honor Guard will serve both current and retired Fire Department members in any way possible. Our goal is to represent all members of the Fire Department in the highest degree of professionalism, dedication, loyalty, honor and dignity possible. We strive to honor firefighters in life, as well as death, and to exhibit the best possible image to the entire community. In addition to funerals and memorial services the honor guard may be called upon to post colors, march in parades, attend new station grand openings (ring in-service), social functions, other departments firefighters’, fire victims funerals, assist families during a time of need and stand guard at funeral homes.

The Lubbock Fire Department Honor Guard is funded primarily through the City of Lubbock and Lubbock Professional Firefighters Association. Private donations have also contributed greatly and have been used to purchase equipment such as our bell, flag harness’s and the like. All honor guard members donate their time to attend all functions and meetings, pay for dry cleaning, and receive no monetary compensation. 

There are a few things we will do as an Honor Guard that will be basic to every service. These basics may vary depending upon special requests from the family. We will assist in any way we can to be of service to the family.

Honor GuardOne thing we will always try to set up is a receiving line. This will consist of the Honor Guard members lined up on one straight line or two lines facing each other just inside the door to the sanctuary. This provides a way for us to greet the guests and answer any questions they may have about the service. Seeing a familiar face when they walk through the door may make some people more comfortable.

After all of the guests have taken their seats, the Honor Guard will file in and salute the Caisson.

When the service has ended, the Honor Guard will file out of the sanctuary to carry the Caisson to the funeral coach and load the Caisson (or as requested by the family). The funeral coach may be a standard hearse or a fire engine.

Once at the cemetery the Honor Guard usually unloads the Caisson and carries it to the gravesite. At the end of the memorial service the Guard will fold and present the flag, if applicable, play taps, salute the deceased, ring the last alarm and offer condolences to the family.

Bag pipers are available and will play at the church or the gravesite or both. There is a nominal fee for most pipers.

Protocols for Department members
Line of Duty Death.

It is appropriate for all members to wear a mourning band over their badge in honor of any firefighter killed in the line of duty. This includes not only members of our department but any other area departments, professional or volunteer. The mourning band should be worn anytime the Class A uniform is worn (at the station, or in public) from the time their death is announced until after the funeral.

Honor Guard members and volunteer department members will be present at the funeral home during their business hours until the time of the funeral.

Any engine or truck companies may post their apparatus along the precession route with all emergency lights on, standing in view of the precession. Come to attention and present arms just prior to the funeral coach passing and remain until after the family has passed (order arms after family passes). Stand at attention until the entire precession has passed.