Fire Operations Awards

Medal of Honor:
The Medal of Honor is awarded only in those events wherein a member has, under life threatening conditions, courageously saved or protected another. An act that is clearly above and beyond the call of duty.

Medal of Valor:

The Medal of Valor is awarded to a member who, under especially hazardous conditions, has exhibited personal courage in an effort to rescue or protect another. An act that clearly shows bravery.

Citation of Merit:

The Citation of Merit is awarded to a fire department member who has performed in an outstanding manner worthy of recognition. The service or action may occur on or off duty.

Unit Citation:

The Unit Citation is awarded to any group of two or more fire department members who make up a company, sector, team or employee work group that has performed in an outstanding manner worthy of recognition. For exemplary performance of duties by the group in overcoming difficulties or obstacles under unusual or adverse conditions in the completion of a task or duty.

Eddie Swafford Award:

The Eddie Swafford Award may be presented to a member naming them as the "Outstanding Firefighter of the Year" for having consistently performed fire fighting and all other duties in an outstanding manner.

Mose Hood Award:

The Mose Hood Award may be awarded to a fire department member for exemplary off-duty actions or accomplishments that uphold, reflect or promote exceptionally high standards of service to the community.

Letter of Commendation:

The Awards Committee or any supervisor may write the Letter of Commendation, at any time, to an employee for commendable performance of duties. A copy shall be forwarded, through channels, for placement in the employee’s permanent personnel file.

Letter of Appreciation:

A Letter of Appreciation may be written by the Awards Committee, any supervisor or member to any individual or group at any time to express appreciation for any work or performance worthy of appreciation. A copy may, if desired, be forwarded, through channels, for inclusion in the permanent personnel file.