Exits Blocked or Access Obstructed

If obstructions around the exit encroach on the door frame, materials are stacked too close to the exit or pathway. Exits are placed in a building based on the number of occupants allowed. Exits must remain clear for the occupants to be able to exit safely and promptly. 

Doors Swing Improperly 

Doors are required to swing outward if there are over 50 people in the establishment that may use the exit. 

Exits Locked During Business Hours 

If a door is marked as an exit, it must remain unlocked during business hours unless it is equipped with panic hardware. Panic Hardware must be in operational condition. Patrons will try to use the panic hardware when evacuation is required. 

Lights Burned Out in Exit Signs 

Exit signs required by the Building Code must be illuminated either by an internal or external emergency power supply.