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The Industrial Waste Monitoring & Pretreatment Program administers local, state and federal regulations affecting area businesses and the quality of the wastewater discharged into the City of Lubbock's publicly owned wastewater treatment system. These regulations are designed to:
  • Protect the wastewater system processes & personnel
  • Allow reuse of the publicly owned treatment works's effluent for irrigation and industrial uses
  • Maintain the water quality in the North Fork of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River

Our program does this by requiring local businesses to install, operate and properly maintain pretreatment devices and/or systems to remove pollutants that could damage or obstruct the wastewater collection system; or interfere with or pass through the wastewater treatment process.

Some major components of our pretreatment program include identifying significant users, review of pretreatment designs, the issuance of permits, on site inspections, the collection of wastewater samples, review of permittee self monitoring reports, providing educational information to the users of the sewer system, and initiation of enforcement activities when appropriate.