Who We Are

Our mission is to empower the citizens of Lubbock to take responsibility for protecting and improving our natural environment. We are dedicated to educating and raising awareness throughout Lubbock regarding litter prevention, graffiti, recycling, illegal dumping, and how to appropriately dispose solid waste.  

We are an affiliate with Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful, to preserve a beautiful and sanitary environment that is beneficial to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Lubbock. 




What We Do
We accomplish our mission through public and private partnerships, community clean-ups, environmental education, and volunteerism. We develop partnerships with neighborhood associations, universities, businesses, non-profits and individuals to educate on beautification issues.

How We Do It
• Involve volunteers in beautification projects and clean-up programs

• Remove litter, debris, and recyclables from our parks, playa lakes and neighborhoods

Provide educational information to over 230,000 Lubbock city residents

These activities are geared toward increasing awareness and changing attitudes through public information and involvement.

Join Us!
Please help us improve our environment and invest in a better Lubbock by becoming a volunteer of Keep Lubbock Beautiful. 

Presentation to City Council 
At the March 23, 2017 City Council Meeting, Keep Lubbock Beautiful Staff Liaison Raquel Mullen along with Stuart Walker, Director of City of Lubbock Code Enforcement presented an update on neighborhood clean-up events along with the upcoming Tech to Town event.

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