Smart Landscaping

Ideas for a water wise lawn – Smart Landscaping

The use of native or adapted plants usually requires less maintenance. The following is a list of water wise plants, shrubs, and trees.

                                                                    Plants - Annuals                           
Coreopsis Corepsis
Gallardia  Gallardia
Mexican Heather Mexican Heather
Trailing Lantana  Portulaca
                                 Plants - Perennials
Allium  Allium
Bearded Iris Bearded Iris
Blackfoot Daisy  Blackfoot Daisy
Daylily  Daylily
Ice Plant  Ice Plant
Lavender  Lavender
Prairie Zinnia  Prairie Zinnia
Shasta Daisy  Shasta Daisy
Winecup  Winecup
Yarrow  Yarrow
Bush Ivy  Bush Ivy
Creeping Fig  Creeping Fig
Honeysuckle  Honeysuckle
Star Jasmine  Star Jasmine
Blue Mist Spirea  Blue Mist Spirea
Crape Myrtle  Crape Myrtle
Hummingbird Bush  Hummingbird Bush
Indian Hawthorn
Mexican Buckeye  Indian Hawthorn
Red Yucca  Red Yucca
Rose Mallow  Rose Mallow
Rosemary  Rosemary
Salvia Greggii  Salvia Greggii
Texas Sage  Texas Sage
Afghanistan Pine  Afghanistan Pine
Aristocrat Pear  Aristocrat Pear
Bur Oak  Bur Oak
Canaerti Juniper  Canaerti Juniper
Cedar Elm  Cedar Elm
Chinese Pistache  Chinese Pistache
Chinkapin Oak  Chinkapin Oak
Eastern Red Cedar  Eastern Red Cedar
Golden Raintree  Golden Raintree
Goldenball Leadtree  Goldenball Leadtree
Hawthorn  Hawthorn
Japanese Zelkova  Japanese Zelkova
Lacebark Elm  Lacebark Elm
Mescal Bean Sophora  Mescal Bean Sophora
Mesquite  Mesquite
Mexican Redbud  Mexican Redbud
Pecan  Pecan
Pinyon Pine  Pinyon Pine
Plateau Live Oak  Plateau Live Oak
Prairie Flameleaf Sumac  Prairie Flameleaf Sumac
Red Haw  Red Haw
Red Oak  Red Oak
Rocky Mountain Juniper  Rocky Mountain Juniper
Texas Persimmon  Texas Persimmon
Texas Redbud  v
Western Soapberry  Western Soapberry