Planning for this project began in the 1960's when City leaders realized that should the City's population growth continue as projected, the City would need another water source. Years of engineering studies, research and soil testing resulted in the recommendation of the current location of Lake Alan Henry. The current location of the John Montford Dam was the closest and best location in which to construct a dam. Application was made to the Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to dam "Water of the United States" in the Brazos River Basin. The application was granted and design work for the dam was completed in the 1980's. Construction began in 1991, and was completed in 1993.


Future Water Supply for the City of Lubbock
Currently, the City of Lubbock uses Lake Meredith (located north of Amarillo) to obtain 80% of its drinking water supply (80%), and uses two ground water well fields in Bailey County (Muleshoe Area) and Roberts Counties (Pampa Area) to obtain the remaining 20%. The ground water from the well fields is withdrawn from the Ogallala Aquifer. Lake Alan Henry is considered a tertiary (third) drinking water supply for future use.