Law Enforcement Authority and Penalties

The City of Lubbock contracts with Garza County to provide specialized law enforcement services. The Garza County Constable's Office is the primary agency involved in enforcing the state penal code and other laws, rules and regulations on the Sam Wahl Recreational Area. The Constable's Office also enforces (by City Of Lubbock ordinance), rules and regulations concerned with the City’s operational policy of the Recreational Area.

Any citation issued by a law enforcement official at the Sam Wahl Recreational Area will fall into two categories - State and Federal law or City ordinance violations. The State and Federal violations are handled in Garza County, while the City ordinance violations are handled through Lubbock's Municipal Court. Upon your receipt of a citation, you will be instructed as to which jurisdiction you will be required to appear in to resolve the citation. Failure to appear in either jurisdiction as required shall result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest.

Fines assigned to code or ordinance violations will vary depending upon the infraction.

Law enforcement officials may issue citations (tickets) for violations including (but not limited to) littering, failure to purchase a valid facility permit, driving under the influence, speeding on paved roads, parking violations, public disturbance, public intoxication, possession of a firearm without permit, etc.

For more information, contact the Garza County Constable's Office in Post, Texas, at (806) 495-4810.