Water Quality Monitoring Plan

In 1994 the City began a water quality Sampling Program to establish baseline water quality data as the Lake began to fill. Water samples are collected from four (4) separate locations and analyzed monthly. The City then tracks the data from year to year to determine trends and fluctuations of various parameters.

Some of the indicators analyzed on-site include pH, temperature, conductivity, salinity, clarity of water and reduction/oxidation coefficient.

After the water samples are collected, they are delivered to City labs for further chemical analysis. Further data collected include total dissolved solids, nitrates, nitrites, total phosphorous, suspended solids, chlorides, sulfates, fluorides, alkalinity, fecal coliform, and oil and grease (Petroleum Hydrocarbons).

Currently, water quality analysis shows that Alan Henry's water quality is very good for a West Texas lake. Please contact the LAH project Coordinator for more specific information at 806.775.2602.