The City of Lubbock requires all tournaments held at Lake Alan Henry to be registered with the Parks and Recreation Department in order to better serve the public.

Please call (806) 548-4101 to register your tournament.

Fishing Tournament Rules

  • Your bass club tournament MUST pre-register. Tournament anglers will be limited to no more than 150 boats in combined tournaments for any one day. (Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) This will reduce pressure on the lake, at the boat ramp and on the fisheries.
  • Your bass club must be willing to send copies of the catch results to the City of Lubbock and be willing to share information with the Fisheries Division of TPWD. Results should include species, total number of fish and total weight of fish caught per tournament and if available individual fish lengths and weights of the top five places. Big fish of the day should be identified. Also, report the number of anglers who participated in the tournament and the number of hours the tournament was open.
  • Fax (806) 775-2686 the results of the tournament to the City of Lubbock, as well as the Texas Parks & Wildlife Fisheries office at (806) 655-4341 office phone, or fax (806) 655-8104.
  • Between the time period of July 1-September 1 each year, only paper tournaments will be allowed. Contact the City of Lubbock at (806) 775-2673 for further information. Fish mortality increases tremendously during this time period due to increased water temperatures in holding tanks and live wells. This is a waste of precious resources.
  • Bass clubs individuals should set the standard for courteous behavior at all times on the boat ramp, boat dock, and the lake - observe no-wake zones.
  • Practice "catch and release" for everyone's benefit.
  • Make yourself aware of Texas Parks & Wildlife's "Share a Lunker" program.
  • All anglers must possess a current fishing license, and be aware of and obey current fishing regulations, as they are published by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and made available to the public by August 1 each year.
  • Be willing to answer angler survey questions taken at the boat ramp upon request.
  • If your club utilizes holding tanks during weigh-in, the tanks should be aerated and contain an approved "fish-saver" or "catch and release" chemical.
  • Contact the Parks & Recreation Department for further information at (806) 775-2673.