Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there bait shops near Lake Alan Henry?
There are bait shops in the area outside of Lake Alan Henry property.

2. What is the camping like? Are there hook-ups?
Camping facilities on City Recreation Area are all primitive and have no water and electricity. The camping areas are all located on unimproved, unpaved roads, and they will be muddy in wet weather.

3. Are there campgrounds with hook-ups nearby?
Yes, in the region outside of Lake Alan Henry.

4. Does the City rent boats at Lake Alan Henry?

5. Does anyone else rent boats that you know of?
Not that we are aware of.

6. Can I reserve a campsite?
Camp sites are on a first-come, first serve basis only. Camping is allowed at numbered campsites only. Numbered campsites are located north and south of the paved parking lot at the boat ramp. Obtain a map at the Permit Office.

7. What about using a generator?
The NORTH campsite area, designated by signage, allows the use of overnight generators. The SOUTH campsite area, designated by signage, prohibits the use of overnight generators.

8. Why do I need to buy a facility permit?
It is important to have valid permits displayed on vehicles or boats at all times as law enforcement personnel are on-site and will be conducting periodic inspections. Law enforcement will issue citations of up to $200 fine, payable in Lubbock Municipal Court, for violations.

9. Why does the City charge a fee to use Lake Alan Henry facilities?
The City of Lubbock requires entrance fees, boating fees and camping fees paid by facility users in order to pay for costs of maintaining and improving the Recreational Area.

10. What's being planned for recreational improvements?
Construction of a Comfort Station including toilets, showers, sinks and waiting area has been completed. Future potential amenities include improved camping areas and hiking trails.

11. Who is responsible for stocking fish in the lake?
The Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife (806) 655-4341 are in charge of all fish stocking, setting fishing limits and annual monitoring programs.

12. How will I know if the fishing limits have changed at Lake Alan Henry?
All of LAH fishing regulations match those listed in the annual publication produced by Texas Parks and Wildlife entitled, "Outdoor Annual Hunting and Fishing Regulations." New books are issued each August.

13. How do I register my boat?
Boat registration is handled by Texas Parks and Wildlife. For more information, contact (806) 761-4930.

14. Do I need to buy a fishing license?
Yes, fishing licensing is handled by Texas Parks and Wildlife. For more information, contact (806) 761-4930.

15. Can I set out a trotline at Lake Alan Henry?
The City of Lubbock does not prohibit the use of trotlines at Lake Alan Henry. Contact Texas Parks and Wildlife at (806) 655-4341 with questions concerning laws and regulations related to fishing or hunting.

16. Can I use my Texas State Park "Golden Passport" permit to use Lake Alan Henry facilities?
Golden Passports are honored at Texas State Parks, but not at City of Lubbock facilities, which includes Lake Alan Henry.

17. I understand that I must register my bass club in order to have a fishing tournament at Lake Alan Henry, why?
The City of Lubbock registers bass clubs and schedules tournament dates for groups in order to know how much fishing pressure to expect on the lake during any weekend. The registration process also helps bass clubs by determining what other clubs will be at the lake at the same time and to adjust weigh-in times to avoid congestion at the boat ramp. There is not a fee to register or hold a tournament at Lake Alan Henry.