Construction & Future Development

What's Needed to Utilize Lake Alan Henry Water?

  • Three pump stations to take water uphill to Lubbock. Lubbock is located approximately 1,000 feet higher in elevation than Lake Alan Henry.
  • 65-mile pipeline to carry the water to Lubbock.
  • A new treatment plant to blend Lake Alan Henry water with Bailey County well water. The treatment plant will be located in southwest Lubbock.

Capacity of Lake Alan Henry and Water Volume

When the lake is operating at full operational level (elevation 2220 feet above mean sea level), the lake will:

  • Cover 2,888 Acres
  • Be 11 miles long
  • Have 95 miles of shoreline
  • Yield 23 Million Gallons per day for Lubbock
  • Contain 115,937 Acre-Feet of water
  • Contain 40 Billion gallons
  • Be approximately 90 feet deep at the Dam
  • Have an average overall depth of 40 feet

John T. Montford Dam Construction Facts

6.5 Million cubic yards of soil, clay and soil-cement

Height of Dam
138 Feet

Crest Elevation
2,263 Feet above Sea Level

Length of Dam
3,600 Feet

Width of Dam
1,000 Feet wide at the base

Service Spillway (Concrete)
Designed to pass 15.6 million gallons per minute.

Emergency Spillway (Earthen)
Designed to pass 211 million gallons per minute.

Lake Alan Henry's spillway was used for the first time on Saturday, October 2, 2004, after rains filled the lake. Brazos River Authority staff indicated that "everything is in good shape, and the spillway is doing it's job."