Downloadable Audio Facts & FAQs


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Please check the library’s webpage for a list of MP3 devices, which were tested by Overdrive and were found to be compatible. We do not recommend a specific MP3 device, although we suggest you look for a device that has the ability to “bookmark.” 
Why did you choose OverDrive?
OverDrive is one of the leading downloadable audio companies with a library program component. At this time, it appears that OverDrive offers the best service and most complete package to offer to the users of our libraries.

Why won’t my iPod work with OverDrive?
At this time, OverDrive digital audio books cannot be downloaded to iPods, or used on Mac computers. OverDrive audio titles use copyright protection technology from Microsoft Corporation. Unfortunately the iPod (and Mac) do not currently support copyright-protected Windows Media Audio (WMA) files.

OverDrive, along with hundreds of online music and audio book providers, is hopeful that Apple and Microsoft can reach an agreement that would enable support for Microsoft-based copyright-protected materials on the iPod/Mac.

Currently, OverDrive is developing their own program to make the downloadable audio available for iPods, but, at this time, no downloadable books are available for iPod through OverDrive.

Why do I need an MP3 player?
You don’t. You may listen to your audio book on your computer, and if licensing allows, you may burn it to CD.

Why can’t I burn my book to CD?
Not all titles can be burned to CD; you must check the licensing information for each title you select. There will be a CD icon in the title information for those titles that may be burned to CD.

Why won’t my audio book play on my computer anymore?
OverDrive uses digital rights management (DRM). After the checkout period expires, the rights management prevents the title from playing on your computer. If you would like to reactivate the title, simply return to OverDrive and check out the title again.

I have a dial-up connection; will I be able to download audio books?
You should be able to download but it will be very slow, it will take a long time to download an entire book. After you check out a title and start the download process, you have the option of downloading the entire book or only parts. With a dial-up connection, you’ll want to only download a part at a time.

Why can’t I download my title again?
OverDrive limits the number of times you can download a title to 3. They cannot allow unlimited downloading due to publisher’s licensing restrictions. We can re-enable the download feature for you, if you e-mail ( or give us a call (806-775-2822).

OverDrive sent an e-mail to me to tell me that my hold was ready, but it wasn’t there when I logged into my account. What happened?
You have 48 hours from the time the e-mail is sent to “pick up” your hold, so if you waited more than 48 hours the hold had expired. Also, if you have the maximum number of items checked out, you will be unable to “pick up” a hold if one becomes available for you. OverDrive recommends that you leave one available checkout if you have anything on hold.

Downloading to the OverDrive Media Console stalls after only 2% - 3% and then I get an error message. What's going on?
If your operating system is Windows XP, it's probably your firewall. You can allow the OverDrive to download without disabling your firewall by adding an exception for Overdrive. To add the exception, do the following:
My operating system is Windows 98 and seems to recognize that I have plugged my MP3 player into the USB port. Why am I getting a message asking for a driver?
Windows 98 machines do not have built-in drivers for some new devices, so you’ll have to install one. For example, you may download the driver for the Sandisk MP3 player at, scroll down to the Digital Audio player box and select the option for your model. If you have a different MP3 player, go to the website of the manufacturer for the correct driver for your model.