Important Warnings

Failure to Appear: 
When you receive a ticket (citation), you sign a statement that you promise to appear at Municipal Court within 12 days of the date the citation was issued. Failure to appear in Court will result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest and additional charges being filed against you and thus additional fines and/or penalties. 

Legal Consequences: 
The selection (or non-selection) of any option may have legal consequences regarding your driving record or other matters. You may consider consulting an attorney of your choice to advise or represent you (not mandatory) concerning matters pending in Municipal Court. 

Financial Responsibility: 
Two or more convictions for ‘No proof of financial responsibility’ may result in the suspension of your driving privilege and motor vehicle registration. 

City Prosecutor: 
The City Prosecutor represents the City of Lubbock and the State of Texas in criminal matters before the Municipal Court. The City Prosecutor does not represent individual persons appearing before the court and therefore does not advise individuals regarding their tickets. 

If you wish to discuss the merits (facts) of your ticket with the Judge, you must set the ticket for trial. This may be accomplished by contacting the Judge’s office at the Municipal Court at 915 Avenue J. 

Further Note: 
If you wish to discuss the merits of your claim with the City Prosecutor, you must first set the matter for trial (except for parking citations). The prosecutor’s office will also be notified of the trial date setting, at which time you may write, call, or visit the City Prosecutor, who will timely respond. Please send such correspondence to: City Prosecutor, P.O. Box 2000, Lubbock, TX 79457.

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