Recorded Plats

Through the provisions of the Subdivision Code (Chapter 38, Code of Ordinances), the City of Lubbock coordinates the subdivision of land inside the city limits and in the City's five mile extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) outside the corporate limits.

The primary method for conveying subdivision information is the final plat, which is a drawing "prepared by a registered professional with survey data conforming with all required inclusions and signatures, and filed in the county clerk's office as a legal designation for the illustrated tracts, lots, streets and easements." (Sec. 38.01.001, City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances). The Planning Department is responsible for coordinating platting activities for the City.

The recorded plats processed through the City of Lubbock have been scanned, and are available for download here. From this online application, the City's plats records can be searched by subdivision name, recording date, or the City’s internal numbering system. These are convenience copies only; certified copies of recorded plats must be obtained through the County Clerk's Office.


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Street Names

Street names are established by plat or ordinance and reflected on the official City map maintained by the GIS and Data Services Department (Sec. 36.03, City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances). For a complete list of all City of Lubbock street names, including direction and location information, please click the link below.

 Official City of Lubbock Street Names