Abandoned Vehicle Auction


Map to Police Auction located at Lubbock Wrecker Service

Auction Rules & Information

All bidders must register before 10:00 a.m. - NO EXCEPTIONS 

The auction gates will only be open on the Saturday of the auction. They will be open until 6:00pm, giving the buyers an extra 1½ hours to get their cars out. Gates WILL NOT be open on Sunday. Cars left will pay storage fees to Lubbock Wrecker after Saturday.

Auction bidders will be given a sticker with their bid number on it. Throughout the auction, each auction bidder must wear their sticker. This will allow auction employees to keep track of bidders who are around the cars to be auctioned.

After registering, bidders will have one hour (9:00-10:00 am) to visually inspect the vehicle. Attendees to the auction are prohibited from entering the vehicles, opening hoods or trunks. All vehicles are sold as is with no guarantees.

Bidders will be allowed up to two (2) guests only. Each guest will also receive a sticker noting they are a guest of a particular bidder.

A police officer will be at the auction during the entire day. Police video cameras will be active during that time, along with Lubbock Wrecker's video cameras.

Car buyers WILL NO LONGER be allowed to drag cars onto the highway with ropes or chains. The buyers must use tow dollies, trailers or wreckers. The buyer may also drive away the auctioned car, if the car is in good working condition. No wrecker or tow truck, of any type, will be allowed onto the auction property without correct TXDOT registration.

 Gates will not be left open. ONLY people that are bidders and their TWO guests will be allowed onto the auction property. Guests cannot remain on the auction property without the bidder. YOU CAN ONLY GAIN ACCESS TO THE AUCTION, IF YOU REGISTER. Gates will be opened and closed, as needed, for people to pick up and take out cars. After the auction has concluded, ONLY buyers will be allowed to remain on the property.

All cars will either have "EXEMPT" or "NOT ACTUAL" listed on the mileage. Actual miles will not be listed, even with newer model cars.

Registering for the auction consists of providing a picture ID. The bidder will need to give the registrar a CORRECT, VALID and CURRENT address and phone number. The information you provide will used to complete the sale by the mailing of  a TXDMV auction sales receipt. It will be mailed to the ADDRESS YOU PROVIDED.

All cars are sold as AS IS and will be paid for in cash at the end of the auction. The operating condition, mileage, damage, keys and any other information is UNKNOWN to the sellers.

Failure to pay for your vehicle immediately following the auction will result in the buyer being banned from attending future auctions. Your vehicle will be re-auctioned immediately if you fail to pay. 

Auction Dates:
April 14th
May 19th
June 16th
July 14th
August 18th
September 15th
October 13th
November 10th
December 8th

For more information contact
Corporal Sarah Collins
(806) 775-2802
Email: scollins@mylubbock.us