Crime Prevention Tips

  • Always keep doors locked.
  • Use deadbolt locks with at least one inch throw with metal strike plates and 3 or 4 screws.
  • Keep garage door closed and locked.
  • Use a secondary lock device on all windows.
  • Close all blinds or drapes at night.
  • Do not hide a key outside your house.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to eliminate concealment areas.
  • Have the house number at the front and the rear of the house so emergency services can quickly locate your house.
  • Install a monitored alarm system with interior and exterior audible intrusion alerts.
  • Install exterior lights with motion sensors.
  • Leave lights on when not at home, or use timers.
  • Use heavy duty padlocks on all fence gates.
  • Never open your door automatically without first checking to see who is at the door.
  • Install and use a peephole.
  • Ask for identification from service and delivery personnel.
  • Never open the door to person(s) soliciting service if you did not request the service.
  • If you rent, check with landlord, apartment manager, etc. to see if the service was requested.
  • Notify neighbors and police when leaving town, and make arrangements to have mail, deliveries and newspaper stopped or picked up.