Neighborhood Concerns/Notification Information

Do not use this page to report crimes or any other emergency situations.  If you need an officer, or need to make a police report, call (806) 775-2865.

For emergencies call 9-1-1.

If your neighborhood has been experiencing any recurring problems that may require more time & resources than a responding officer can provide, please consider notifying the Police Department by telephone or email to report the situation.

When filing a report, please provide sufficient information to describe the situation (including a specific address), when the situation is occurring, how long it has been occurring, and who is involved.  Please indicate whether the Police Department has been previously notified about this situation.

It is not required for you to provide your name, address or telephone number. However, if you desire a personal reply to your report, or you want someone from the Police Department to contact you to discuss the situation, you must provide either an email address or telephone number.

Please limit your reports to situations within the scope of authority of the Police Department. Some neighborhood problems are going to be the responsibility of other City of Lubbock Departments. For example: stray dogs, potholes, late trash pick-up, substandard housing,  and junked vehicles are the responsibility of other City of Lubbock Departments. If you are not sure the situation is one the police can assist you with, please file a report anyway. Should it not be a situation for the police, we will contact you and refer you to the correct agency. Please visit the 311 On-Line for a listing of other available City services.

To report your situation to the Lubbock Police Department contact the Community Intelligence Unit at (806) 775-2971.