LPD Jobs with black background

Police Officer
Patrols an assigned beat in the enforcement of law and order. Carries out special assignments in the protection of life and property.
  • Protects life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Answers calls and complaints involving accidents, robberies, burglaries, fires, misdemeanors, and felonies. Renders first aid at crime scenes; assists or conducts preliminary investigations; apprehends suspects; gathers evidence; obtains witness names; obtains statements; makes arrests; and transports suspects. Investigates automobile accidents and checks stolen automobile reports.
  • Prevents crime.
  • Performs work in accordance with department rules and regulations.
  • Performs routine patrol, traffic regulations, and preliminary investigations.
  • Performs duties in patrol cruisers, motorcycles, or on foot.
  • Performs duties which may involve danger, and which require officers to act without supervision in the exercise of independent judgment in meeting emergencies.
  • Keeps records and prepares activity reports.
  • Testifies in court as needed.
  • Performs related duties as required.

Public Safety Dispatcher
Operates telecommunications equipment to receive emergency or non-emergency calls; dispatches units to respond to requests for emergency services.
  • Answers telephone to receive emergency or non-emergency calls; obtains necessary information and enters information into computer aided dispatch (CAD) system; Operates radio console to dispatch units based on nature of call and availability of units. Monitor status of units and dispatch non-emergency request as units are available.
  • Maintains radio contact with units; dispatches additional units for response or assistance as required or requested. Obtains and relays necessary information to units in the field.
  • Operates video display terminal or other equipment to obtain information regarding criminal history, driver's license identification and records, building characteristics and contents, hazardous materials, etc. Consults maps to monitor status of units, relays information, etc. Consults a variety of sources for information as required.
  • Provides information to other agencies as required. Contacts other agencies or businesses for assistance or information as required.
  • Fulfills functions and procedures as necessary to operate all phases of operations within the Communication Center.
  • Answers various types of incoming telephone calls for Public Safety agencies; transmits necessary information to agencies for calls not dispatched from center.
Public Service Officer
Assists callers and visitors requesting non-emergency police services. Greets the public entering the Police Department lobby and provides them with information or gives them directions as needed.
  • Answers non-emergency telephone lines and assists visitors. May answer emergency calls as required. Must be able to accurately enter various types of information into the department’s computer system.
  • Determines nature of requests and takes appropriate action. Refers requests for service to appropriate divisions or agencies as necessary.
  • Interviews callers or visitors to obtain necessary information. Must have knowledge of various Federal, State, and Municipal laws to determine the appropriate response. Must have the ability to talk on the phone or in person and record information directly into a computer system.
  • Maintains records on activities, reports, and requests for service, etc. Performs certain functions required by the Municipal Court.
  • Performs various duties as the Police Public Desk and in Records section as assigned.
Records System Operator
Operates on-line computers and performs related clerical duties of average difficulty.
  • Types alphabetic or numeric data on a keyboard at a computer terminal using a coding system.
  • Compares data on screen with source documents to detect errors.
  • Checks for errors and verifies questionable data with originating department.
  • Retrieves data from computer files when requested.
  • Files hard copy documents.
  • Answers the telephone.
Parking Control Officer
Enforces laws and regulations governing the parking of vehicles on public streets.
  • Patrols an assigned area in a Cushman scooter or automobile.
  • Issues citations for parking violations.
  • Answers questions from public regarding travel directions, parking regulations, etc.
  • Maintains records of citations issued.
  • Directs traffic when necessary.
  • Presents testimony in Municipal Court as required regarding parking violations and citations.
  • Works assigned school crossings.
School Crossing Guard (Part-Time)
Assists children in crossing the street.
  • Stops traffic at crosswalk area.
  • Assists children in safely crossing the street in the crosswalk area.